Creative Adventure Engagement


Amanda and Ross are an adorable couple. They reached out and booked with me just in time for a fall session. The weekend we chose, in fact, was so colorful! So combining them with the stunning colors of fall made for a perfect session! On top of that, these two brought props. They showed me what a true creative adventure engagement session looks like!

Amanda and Ross

I spent a little over an hour with Amanda and Ross and the entire time I was in awe. They just clicked and lifted each other up. It was so precious. Amanda and I should be sisters, by the way. We are so similar, it was a little freaky!

These two started the shoot in the perfect color combo. Amanda’s dress was so amazing for this shoot. It helped me really get creative!

So here is Amanda and Ross’ creative adventure engagement session!

creative adventure engagement

These shots of them walking may be my all time favorite….

creative adventure engagement

This next section includes their props! They changed into baseball jerseys that had the month and day they planned to get married. It was the perfect shot to grab for them!

creative adventure engagement

creative adventure engagement

creative adventure engagement

I love when couples ask for fun detail shots like this! Baseball was important to them and the decided to incorporate that.

They also brought beers from their favorite brewery, Cushwa. Both cans had adorable messages on them!

“She said yes” so… “batter up”!


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