Magical Engagement Session


The start of this shoot was like any other. We got some stunning shots of Erikka and Matt by the water with some incredible views. Then walked to a grove of trees and had a special moment. We used Fort Hunter for our backdrop. This is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite locations. How could it not be?! When we got a magical engagement session like this, its a given. Honestly, I just couldn’t get over these views and locations we chose.

Towards the end of the shoot, though, Erikka asked Matt to get her stuff from the car. He left and Erikka asked me a very important question: what is your Hogwarts House? For those who don’t know, I am a Hufflepuff. We got to chat a bit longer about our shared love of Harry Potter when Matt returned with two wands and a beautiful Alex and Ani bracelet with Harry Potter charms. This was when the shoot truly turned into a magical engagement session! I’ll be honest, my Photoshop skills are not like my Lightroom skills. This was a big challenge that I spent a huge chunk of time on. BUT I do think in the end it was so worth it! Let me know what you think when you get to our magical images.


magical engagement session

I was OBSESSED with Erikka’s dress. It was just so perfect for the time of year and the scenery.

They just fell into place in front of the camera. They were ready and completely knocked it out of the park!

Photographer tip: MOVEMENT!! I love asking couples to sway like they’re dancing in this pose. I usually can capture the girls hair moving like I did here with Erikka and it just makes the image that much more fun. I also usually get some precious giggles out of it too!

magical engagement session

We walked down this narrow “path” to get to the water. I had never seen this before and was blown away when we walked up to this little rocky beach. WOW!

magical engagement session

You can just *feel* their connection here. They were just so cute together. What a match made in heaven!

magical engagement session

I am so happy we got so many shots with these beautiful backgrounds. Just a stunning view with a stunning couple to pose in front of it!

Just saying: I need this bracelet. That’s all. OH! Also, her ring! WOW! Go Mat, go!

So these photos were the ones I mentioned at the beginning. I spent a while editing these and loved the outcome! I hope you guys can enjoy the little bit of magic I was maybe able to create. Thank you Erikke and Matt for giving me the opportunity to get creative!!

magical engagement session


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