December Elopement

The Plan

Originally, these two planned a December elopement for December 12th. It was the week of and suddenly Kristin was sick. The Thursday before, I got sick. The day before, Alex got sick. We fell like dominos and these two had to postpone. Once we were all healthy they reached out to the officiant and we scheduled a new date! So on Sunday December 27th, 2020 Kristin and I woke up and started our process of getting ready. We managed to get her step daughter over to my house to join in on the fun. Once we were ready we raced over to Fort Hunter and I met Alex on the steps of the mansion. I think pictures may describe this day a little better than words…

December Elopement

I managed to find two robes for the girls for these pics once they postponed the wedding. I think it worked out great in the end.

December Elopement

The “shhhh” pictures were our favorite! I posed them like that on a whim, not really thinking about it and now we can’t get enough!!

There was a brief moment when the boys appeared to be lost. I managed to find them in time for the first look, though! But talk about a Friends moment!

It’s not pictured, but we also set up a Zoom link for a small number of family and friends to watch and not get left out of such a special moment.

Kristin also gave vows to the kids. This moment was just so perfect. She is the best step mom to those two cuties.

December Elopement

I have to give Kristin major props for sticking it out and not getting her jacket! It was a cold day and we were by the water. She powered through beautifully!

December Elopement December Elopement

This tattoo was for her grandmother who passed away a few years ago. It was so special having this photo and moment for her.

December Elopement December Elopement December Elopement

I have known Kristin for ten years. We met in Freshman year biology. We have been through so much together and I am so touched we got to go through this together, too. Love you Kristin! Welcome, officially, to the chaos, Alex!


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