Fall Family Photos: Sarah and Thomas

Sarah and Thomas

I was so excited Sarah and Thomas reached out for some family photos! I hadn’t seen them since their wedding in 2018. So much for all of us had changed by now but I think the biggest and best change was their addition of a puppers to the fam, Mozzie! So now we had the three of them for a shoot. Where did we decide to go? Back to their wedding venue! It was so much fun to shoot with these two again. They are just so fun and are so easy to pose. Mozzie made the shoot even more hilarious with all his puppy energy. I always encourage bringing your pups to shoots. Of course, only if you’re comfortable. With that we met at Rust Manor and dove right into the best fall family photos session.

Without further ado… Mr. and Mrs. Vollaro


fall family photos

I know I have grown as a photographer, so these two photos look a little different but its crazy how the one on the right was two and a half years ago. In the same spot and everything. Time really flies, friends.

Family Photos

Mozzie was so excited to get his picture taken, he could barely contain it!

Fall Family Photos

I missed shooting with these two.

fall family photos

When you wanted to sniff everything but remembered you were in the middle of a shoot.

fall family photos fall family photos

One more comparison…

fall family photos

That was for sure one of my favorite moments from their wedding. It was hard to really just pick one in the end but being able to compare these moments is just so cool. Who knew fall family photos could turn into really cool comparison pieces?

fall family photos

Last one and personal favorite from Sarah and Thomas’ wedding. You can find more images from their engagement shoot (also at Rust Manor) and their wedding here.


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