Backyard Micro Wedding


This wedding has a special place in my heart. Because of COVID so many more micro weddings and elopements have been happening this year. Many couples have had to size down their big weddings or move the date all together. Katie and Chris decided they wanted to do both. They decided to do a family only, backyard micro wedding on their original date, then do the big party in a year. So on September 12th I was able to capture that moment for them. They just wanted to be married and not wait any longer. So one more good thing was able to come out of 2020.

I have known Chris’ family for many years now. His parents actually live just down the street from my parents. They were able to transform their backyard into a fairytale to celebrate Chris and Katie. Because I knew them personally, they allowed me in to capture moments of joy and excitement throughout the day. I honestly don’t know how to express enough thanks to the Glaziers and Katie’s family. I know having one more person joining in on the day was a lot but I think it was worth it. So here is Chris and Katie’s backyard micro wedding:

backyard micro wedding

Chris’ grandmother made this bouquet! How great did she do?

Chris’ grandmother made Katie’s flower crown, too! The florals were incredible.

backyard micro wedding

The ceremony space took place under a tent, thankfully! It was such a sunny day.

Their dog, Moose, definitely stole the show. And had the best nap!

Chris and Katie were so fun to shoot with. I am so happy I got to be there to capture this important moment. My favorite moment of the day was when Katie was telling me about why they decided to do the backyard micro wedding. She said, Chris didn’t want to not be married to her anymore. He wanted to be able to wear his ring and commit to her. And because these are the photos we got, I’m glad he did 🙂


  1. Katie says:

    You were great and we’re both so grateful you could capture that day!

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