Dreamy September Wedding

With everything going on in the world I wasn’t able to meet Miranda and Jon until their dreamy September wedding day. That is not normally how I like to do things but I think with the images we were able to produce, it obviously went perfectly.

My second and I started the day in Maryland walking around the STUNNING Rosewood Farms property getting a feel for where we wanted to shoot throughout the day. It wasn’t hard to find some beautiful spots. The land alone was so photogenic but with the FOUR beautifully crafted buildings on the property I was in awe the whole time. I can only try to explain with words how beautiful this place is so let’s just get into the good stuff…

Dreamy September Wedding

We started the day with both Miranda and Jon getting ready with their friends. Honestly, these two were some of the sweetest people we have met and were a blast to work with! Their friends were just so excited to be there too. Once it was time to get Miranda in her dress she and her mom got her ready for pictures of just them two. The happy couple got to finally see each other in their first look surrounded by their family and friends. The pictures and ceremony to follow can’t be described… I think I can only show you!


Getting Ready

We started the day with details. How stunning is Miranda’s ring? Simply gorgeous.

Their color scheme from the day was so unexpected but so perfect.

This group of friends was so fun to shoot with! They were so good at hyping up Miranda, too.

dreamy september wedding

When Miranda got into her dress everyone was stunned. How drop dead gorgeous is she?!

I have started doing this at every wedding now. I ask the bridesmaids to line up and we do a “first look” with the bride. This is the BEST way to hype her up before her first look with her man or walking down the aisle. Even if they had seen the dress before, they hadn’t seen her dolled up and in the dress with her flowers. That emotion was real.

The First Look

dreamy September wedding

My favorite shot to get of the first look is the moment right before the shoulder tap. That moment of excitement and anticipation is so real and beautiful.

The Happy Couple and Their People

Dreamy September wedding

This was the best twirl shot I had gotten in so long. Rosewood Farms’ property was just a perfect backdrop for these pictures.

I couldn’t get over this color scheme. Every bridesmaid dress was perfect with the suits. This is just such a good looking group.

The Ceremony

dreamy September wedding

I almost cried when I saw this ceremony space. Like, that’s not fair! Its so beautiful!


The reception space was so well done. Everyone who made this day possible did such a good job. They all knocked it out of the park.

This sparkler exit was massive. We had so many people cheering Miranda and Jon on as they sprinted up the tunnel. And honestly, just look at how happy they are.

Miranda and Jon’s day was just stunning from start to finish. I am beyond thankful I got to be apart of it. Congratulations, again, to the happy happy couple.


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