A Few Thanks to Give

Thank You

I already posted a blog about the weddings I shot this year. But I wanted to highlight a few other people who helped make 2020 a better year for me. So, here are a few thanks to give some important people in my life.

Miss Anna Grace Keller

This is Anna Grace. If you have been to a wedding with me these past few years you may recognize this face. I have known Anna since we were younger (since she was in pre-k, I think!). She just finished High School in June and decided to take a gap year before college. Currently she is in Colorado skiing and working during the winter with her family. Jealous? Same!! She is a big part of why wedding days go so smoothly. If you book with me and get a second shooter, most likely Anna will be with me! She is going to be going to college soon, so I might lose her, but she’s an amazing photographer. I linked her website above! Check out her prints and the rest of her work! Thank you, Anna, for being the best second shooter I could have asked for in this business! And for working during a pandemic with me. Just one of many thanks I have to give!

Leah and Sammy

Per usual, these two helped me out with a styled shoot. My sister and her friend Sammy have been there from the start. So when I asked to do a styled shoot with them the answer was a pretty quick yes. So the thanks I have to give these two is a simple thank you for letting me get creative. I can’t wait to see the future shoots we come up with!

The Oh-So Supportive Friends

These three have made this year so special (the one in the jersey got engaged and married this year). I am just so thankful that I get to do life with them, even if I live in a completely different state than two of them. Somehow I feel like we all got closer while so far apart. Love you weirdos!!

My Muse From Day 1

That’s my best friend, Carlin. She has been in my life since I was FIVE. When I first picked up a camera she was there to help me create some of the wild ideas in my head. This pic is from our most recent shoot when I went to Georgia to visit her for a few days in November. If we compare our older photos to this, the progress is insane. She is so supportive of this business I created and I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my life.

The Parental Units

I am so thankful for my parents. They have made it possible for me to pursue my dream of running this business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you! They’re also pretty good subjects, too!!

To the Rescue Dog

This is Jack. I got him in May of this year and he has made my life 100000000x better. I live alone, I work from home, I was lonely. When I went to pick up this stinker I was nervous he wouldn’t be the best fit, that he wouldn’t like an apartment. He hoped in my car so fast with out a look back at his foster. Every day since he has made me laugh endlessly. He has given me so many snuggles. He has me spending more time moving. And my phone has for too many pictures of him, haha! He is just a ball of love and excitement. So, thank you, Jack, for coming into my life when I needed you most.

I’ve said it before, this year provided so many challenges. But somehow there were some parts of the year were good and bright. Somehow I managed to make strides in my business and work on my relationships. I feel like after this year I’m simply just a better human. So, thank you to all who had a hand in that. I am just so so so thankful for this job and this life. Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!




  1. AG says:

    Love you ma’am ❤️❤️

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