College Seniors – James Madison University

College Seniors

I have started moving away from senior sessions in the recent years. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, though! My sister graduated in May of 2021 from James Madison University. She and her friends asked if they could get a session before their graduation. How could I say no to that?! On top of that, my sister posted on her class’ facebook page that I would be doing some sessions. From that I got another group of girls wanting to find a time for some pictures! So, I had a busy busy day in beautiful Harrisonburg, Virginia! It had been a bit but I was ready for some sessions with these college seniors!

Group 1

College Seniors

College Seniors

These girls were just so adorable. I am so thankful they reached out to me!

College Seniors

Also: check out the engagement ring!!!

College Seniors


The last senior session I did was the year I graduated in 2018!! I can’t believe that it has been that long. But these sessions were too fun to miss out on.

Group 2

My sister had two different groups she wanted to shoot with. So, on this day I got TRIPLE the amount of champagne pictures! In case you were wondering – yes, I did have that photo same taken of me when I graduated and yes, I did drop my bottle into the fountain….

Her first group were with old roommates, two of which were friends from home.

College Seniors - James Madison University

The champagne pictures always make me laugh!

College Seniors - James Madison University

Group 3

My sister, Leah’s, next group were her and some friends from her sorority, Phi Mu. We hopped around the campus and had a blast capturing an important time in these girls’ lives.

College Seniors - James Madison University

Not going to lie, I was not phased by my sister deciding this was the pose she wanted to use to help document her impending graduation.

These pillars were completed, I think, the fall before my graduation but since then they have been used for everyones grad photos!

I know that when I got my photos done I too got into the fountain but I was still super impressed these girls chose to hop right in!

Happy graduation to these seniors! (a few months too late but oh well!)


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