Dreamy Engagement Session

Alex and Bryce really knocked their dreamy engagement session out of the park! We spent the full hour capturing absolutely stunning photos of these two and exploring Fort Hunter! I mean when you can get photos with a background of the river how can you pass that us! And the chemistry of these two!! Ah! I mean I think you all just need to see for yourself!! I was so excited to finally meet Alex and Bryce and honestly it felt like we had known each other for forever! The fact I get to start my 2021 wedding season with their wedding gets me extra excited for the new year!

Dreamy Session

I loved how diverse this location was! It felt like we went to like five different locations and that is always a win.

I’m sorry, but THAT DRESS!! She got out of the car and I was so excited to see the flowy patterned goodness Alex had on.

Did Bryce do amazing with ring or what?!

dreamy engagement session

No… I did not make them hop a barrier for this picture. I have nooooo idea what you’re talking about….

That backdrop though!! I love a good view of the water!

dreamy engagement session

I’m going to forever kick myself for not asking where she got that top… Or that dress. I LOVED Alex’s style!

When I said “dreamy engagement session” I really meant dreamy!!

dreamy engagement session

dreamy engagement session

Thank you, Alex and Bryce for this shoot, I’m so happy to have gotten to relive it blogging it! It just got me that much more excited for April. Hype these two up, they rocked their session and I can’t wait to share their wedding in the Spring!




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