Beautiful July Wedding in Carlisle

In July I got to spend the day with Kayla and Vinny to capture their day! From start to finish the day was gorgeous. This couple really thought everything through to a T! Since COVID was obviously still a problem during this time, the venue was got incredibly creative for the ceremony. The ceremony space was already incredibly unique but when you throw in a virus curve ball you have to move things around further. What a beautiful July wedding it was!

July 25th

I could leave it with this photo… but don’t worry I won’t do that to you!

How spectacular are those flowers???

Beautiful July Wedding


We got to do another first look with the Bride’s dad! These are seriously some of my favorites.

Beautiful July Wedding

Then was the first look between bride and groom!! This was a favorite of mine because Vinny asked me before she walked up what he should do. He asked “Can I kiss her?” I said “That is up to you!” He then went “Yeah, I’m going to kiss her” And if that isn’t the cutest thing on the planet then I don’t know what it!

And you know what? He kissed her! 🙂

Because this was outside we were able to take pictures with their bridal party! That was exciting since we hadn’t been able to do that in the months leading up to this day!

Then is was time to hang out with Just Kayla and Vinny 🙂 I have to say, these two CRUSHED it!

Ceremony time!!! It may be hard to see, but the ceremony space was almost like a little amphitheater! Where the guests sat was almost like risers! The chairs were spread out 6 feet apart and couples were allowed to sit together! I loved how easy it was for guests to see the couple and for  me and my second to get pictures of everything!!

Beautiful July Wedding

I still feel so honored to have been able to capture this even with everything going on in the world. Congrats to Kayla and Vinny!! Thank you for such a beautiful July wedding!


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