Intimate Ceremony in Carlisle

From the Beginning

When Grace and Michael first reached out to me to talk about their wedding I was ecstatic. Upon booking, Michael let me know how picky about their photographer he was. Michael is also a photographer so the pressure was ON when the hired me. But with the engagement shoot and then their wedding, Grace and Michael showed how easy they were to have in front of the camera. They simply fell into each other with ease and followed instructions flawlessly. I haven’t gotten a twirling photo this good in a while, they killed it! When I pulled out my film cameras, which I bring for fun, they got so excited and were incredibly open to my own creativity. As the day went on at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill, Grace and Michael shared their intimate ceremony with friends and family.

Pictures Please

Grace and Michael appreciated the art and creativity. They wanted that to be my focus while capturing their day. So, I would much rather share the images than tell more stories. The images do that on their own. I promise. Intimate ceremony, intimate images.

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And here are some of the film images I got. They were taken on a Nikon FM10 with 35mm black and white film. I will be incorporating film into weddings much more often now, thank you.


  1. […] Grace and Michael were married on February 16th, 2020 at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill. This was well before any restrictions played any factor in my couples’ wedding days. So, these two were free to have their family and friends there without issue. This wedding will always be so special to me as my first wedding in PA! […]

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