Best of 2017

Being busy has me posting my best of 2017 5 days into 2018. I guess that is something I really shouldn’t complain about, being busy is usually a good thing 🙂

This past year was probably the most educational, most challenging, most uplifting year yet. Really it was a mess of all the things, let me tell you. I finished my Junior year of college, spent some time doing summer classes, went to upstate New York to visit my best friend with my other best friends, went to the beach with my family, went to Colorado for my first solo wedding, started my Senior year of college, started my new job at school (WOO TAD!!!), shot my second solo wedding in my favorite location, had one of my best semesters at school yet, and to finish it off I went to Disney World to visit a friend with my bestie. WHAT A YEAR!! *okay now breathe*

Though this year brought so many ups, there were of course some downs, which I won’t bore you with. I simply want to make it known that not all things are at its best even if social media makes it seem like you’re living it up. That was a lesson I learned this year.

BUT I think it might be time to look at the pretty things, yes??

Three solo weddings, one wedding as a second shooter, 6 senior sessions, 7 family portraits, 1 corporate event. And I have to say these had to be some of my favorite sessions ever!

Now for the pretty stuff!!

To start there is this pretty girl’s senior pics!!


Morgan’s senior pics are always going to be some of my favs!

Sadie’s session was probably the coldest yet but I think we might have used the cold and the wind in our favor…

Sophie’s pics.. I mean I really have nothing else to say besides WHAT!?!?! Funny how her older sister was one of my very first clients ever….

My second solo wedding was a huge success! Thank you Tyler and Crista a million times over, you both were so wonderful!

Finally got to shoot with this family!! What a bunch of cuties!!


When a family says were bringing out dogs you say YES LETS DO THIS! (see the dogs? see my obsession with dogs??)

And my first ever wedding… OH the memories…. What a gorgeous couple and a truly one of a kind experience 🙂

My third wedding!! These people have been in my life for a while now, Susan’s son is one of my best friends. I still feel so honored to have been apart if their day!

Is it even a good year without a pic of Leah and Sammy??

And to finish it off we have my parents and one of my favorite shoots to date.

2017 was a great year, 2018 BRING IT ON!


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